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    2. Sulfuric Acid 98%
      Sulfuric Acid (93%)
      Chlorosulfonic Acid
      Hydrochloric Acid
      Saccharin Sodium
      Liquid chlorine
      High-purity Sodium Hyclroxide
      Solution of Sodium Hypochloride
      Dock & storage tank


      Invitation for Logistics Project Cooperation

      Two Lions (Zhangjiagang) Logistics Co., Ltd. is a logistics company in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Yangtze River International Chemical Industrial Park, established in June of 2003, and its main business is Two Lions Berth and facilities’ management and operation (including storage and transportation). The total investment for this project is RMB 600 million with area of 0.53 km2. Along the Yangtze River, Two Lions builds a dry bulk berth (capacity: 70,000 tonnage vessel), a liquid chemicals berth (capacity: 50,000 tonnage vessel) and 5 berths for barge (capacity: 1,000 tonnage barge). The Two Lions Berths have been opened in June of 2005.

      Two Lions has the space to build the Petroleum and Chemicals tank area (200,000 cbm ), and 40,000m2 land for warehouse near the dry bulk berth.

      Welcome to Two Lions for business opportunities!

      Mrs. Li Zhidong       Tel:+86-512-67250496-129        Mobile:+86-13812621330
      Mrs. Qi Ying             Tel:+86-512-67250496-125        Mobile:+86-13511604359
      E-mail: [email protected]

      Annex: Berth Information


      Berth Condition


      Dry Bulk Berth

      Liquid Chemicals Berth

      Barge berth


      275 M

      312 M

      403.6 M

      Platform Length

      275 M

      200 M

      403.6 M


      25 M

      20 M

      22 M






      -14.9 M

      -14.9 M

      -5 M

      Requirement for Vessel

      Length of Vessel ≤ 230 M
      Width of vessel ≤ 32 M
      Draft of Vessel* ≤ 11.4 M
      *Current draft limitation of vessel entering the Yangtze River (from Wusong to Zhangjiagang) is 10.80 M


      ★Suzhou Fine Chemical Industrial Park is established in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Yangtze River International Chemical Industrial Park.

      The park possesses 1.3 million square meters land, including 800,000 square meters undeveloped. Welcome the domestic and foreign investors to participate in the development.

      ★In Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Yangtze river international chemical industrial park , there is completed infrastructure with perfect function, and a lot of the multinational enterprises entered, such as Eastocean Oils&Grains Industries, Dupont, Dow Chemicals, Nisshoku Chemical Industry, etc. The industry in the park has the well-assorted product chains, the regional development has the evident competitive advantage.

      ★Suzhou Fine Chemical Industrial Park development overall Strategy

      The overall Strategy is to take the development as a core, keep the new industrialization development direction, widely adopt the international advanced technology, adjust and develop the products and industry depending on the technical innovation and the system innovation:

      First, change the system with the Suzhou industry strategy adjustment and the enterprise unifies, through adjustment development, in industrial structure, Enterprise structure, Enterprise organizational structure, the product structure and the resources structure aspects obtains the unprecedented development;

      Second, combined with the product upgrade strategy, obtains the new breakthrough in the technical innovation, obtains the top technology achievement in the high-tech field with the independent intellectual property rights, reduces the chemical production energy consumption, enhances the environment protection, Strengthens the sustainable development ability;

      Third, must achieve the economical growth quality and the benefit synchronization enhancement through the adjustment and the development, Enhances the enterprise international competitive power.

      SuzhouFineChemicalIndustrial Park construction guidelines:

      The market direction principle: based on the self-innovation and adopting the domestic or foreign advanced technology, set up the chained products system which has the well market future.

      Diversified investments principle: According to the overall plan and own advantages, adopting the diversified investment fund.

      Product chain principle: based the original product system, set up the product chain, such as sulfuric acid series products,

      The complementary advantages principle: establish the cooperation with the local chemical industrial parks and enterprises, improve the product development depending on both advantages.

      Industry cooperation principle: Combine the manufacturing and logistics, build the logistics centre, reduce the logistic cost, improve the competitive power.

      ★Suzhou fine chemical industrial park development orientation

      According to the national policy, develop the sulfur chemical industry, Chlorine alkali chemical industry, Coal chemical industry, The petroleum chemical industry , form the sulfuric acid, Formalin, Chlorine alkali, Acetic acid, maleic anhydride series product and fertilizer, methanol as well as carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, oxygen from Syngas, accounts nearly 60 products. And a morden logistics centre will be established at the same time.

      ★Suzhou fine chemical industrial park development goal

      adhere to export-oriented, high starting, advanced technology and high efficiency; Concentrating on strength, fund, technology and management; Implementing the collection of fund, talented person; Becoming the intergration of products, public auxiliary facility, logistics, enviromental protection and management service; Forming five major series of products with more than 30 large-scale production facilities, a modernized logistics centre and 60 variety products. Through 5 to 8 years, SuzhouFineChemicalIndustrial Park is expected to become a leading modern intensive chemical industry base equipped with the advanced technology, complete functions and fine enviroment. 

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